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Jintan pain relief and body care oil with lavender 50ml

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An Unique mix of 11 Herbs with Shalaki & Safeed Museli for Quick Action, Anti-inflammatory & Muscle relaxant Oil I Scientifically proven formulation for joints and muscular pain, Enriched with Tea Oil & Gaultheria Oil with No side effects I 100% Herbal, Apply 2-3 times a day on the affected part or as directed by the physician
Jintan - Pain Drop Oil Roll On

Jintan – Pain Drop Oil Roll On

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Best friend for pains I  Relief from your long lasting pain Stain Free technology with an unique mix of 11 Natural Herbs

Good to Know-

  1. Enriched with Oils : Almond, Musili, Tea Tree, Shalaki
  2. Stain free
  3. Handy for travel with Roll-on
  4. Multiple uses