Herbozyme Syrup – Digest karo naturally !!

Burp !!! comes the sound and turns lot of heads looking at you with irritation. Oh! How bad it feels to fact that. Whether you had a family get-together and munched on the extra piece of chicken, or had a college reunion party and ate an extra plate of Chinese, we have a perfect solution for all your digestive problems, Herbozyme Syrup. This Herbozyme Syrup is very effective for post party digestive problems, that  help in :

  • Improving colonic tone
  • Beneficial in Constipation, Acidity & Gases, Improves Digestion system & Metabolism.
  • Helps in many types of Liver diseases, Gastric, Acidity, Fatty liver, Hyper-acidity
  • It is useful in treating respiratory and digestive problems.
  • used in moderation for Pitta
  • used for addressing deep-seated kapha imbalances
  • useful in constipation, bloating, etc.
  • Helps in liquefies hard waste material that has been accumulated in intestines

Herbozyme SyrupThis unique medicine is in is the form of syrup and is blessed with Tripple Action formula for Liver, Digestive Tract & Spleen. This unique formula is enriced with Kumari, Kallika & Safed Jeera. Herbozyme Syrup is an excellent digestive revitaliser for all ages and all body types!!

So next time party hard, but don’t forget your digestive partner Herbozyme Syrup. Keep this syrup handy and get relief from all type of digestive problems.

We at Mi pharmaids are working tirelessly to make your body free from all kind of problems and make the human race stay healthy!!!

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Happy surfing!!

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