Jintan – Pain Drop Oil Roll On, A Neat Handy & Effective Pain Reliever

Body is divine and if your body is affected with pain, then its functioning comes to the halt. In the field of science and technology, nowadays our body is either getting completely relaxed and numb or it is getting into over exertion. Body pains are the imperial part of our daily routine nad avoiding work to reduce the pain is also not the solution. In such a situation we need a remedy that is handy, effective and provides quick relief.

Jintan – Pain Drop Oil Roll On is developed with Stain Free technology with an unique mix of 11 Natural Herbs, that soothes and relaxes your muscles nad makes your body functioning normal

Best friend for pains I  Relief from your long lasting pain

Benefits of oil-

  • Enriched with oils like Almond, Musili, Tea Tree and Shalaki, it’s the best substitute for getting natural relief
  • Stain free solution for those who love neatness in their wardrobe
  • Its natural and contain zero side effects
  • Handy for travel with roll-on
  • Multiple uses to help you recover from pain


Body benefits

  • Quick relief from Joint pain, Back ache, Headache, Neck Pain, nasal congestion, Cold, Sprains and Strains.
  • Helps in Muscular pain, pain related in Tennis elbow, Arthritis problems, Back Pain.
  • It helps in Arthritis, effective for Joint pain, Back ache, Headache, Muscular pain, Neck Pain, Nasal congestion, Cold etc. Sprains & Strains

It’s a wonder that will make your pain disappear in a smooth way….

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