Best possible ways to detox your living through activated charcoal

Detoxification is a very important phenomenon in the busy and the polluted lifestyle nowadays. Pollution is not only present in air, but is omnipresent in water, fruits, vegetables, food grains and almost all eatable substances. Activated charcoal is the best substitute for all of the pollution related problems. Activated charcoal is not only an emergency substitute nowadays, but it has multiple uses such as digestive tissue repair, whitening of the teeth, removal of blackheads, skin brightening and daily detoxification.
Let’s take a quick look at how that all works.
NOTE: It is very important to know that if using activated charcoal internally, it is crucial to make sure to stay extra hydrated so that you flush out the toxin substances and avoid constipation due to loss of water


Environmental factors have a strong influence on the food that we eat like the pesticides that are used in growing food; the chemicals that are used to purify water actually have toxic and hazardous effects on our body and can lead to diseases like cancer and organ failures. Activated charcoal has a solution for all this health affecting substances in food and water.

Its combination can be used to absorb the harmful toxins from the food and make it more suitable for eating. Thus we become free of the toxic burdens. The activated charcoal usage can vary between 1 to 3 gms usage two times per day for getting the desired results.
Its other able uses are for clearing the food poisoning, clearing the digestive tract and removing brain fogging.


If you are frequently suffering from gas problems and bloating of stomach is your regular feel, then you should give a try to activated charcoal, a 500 mg of activated charcoal can do wonders for you. If you take the activated charcoal almost 60 min before the food intake, it brings the binding of the products that cause the gas and relieves the stomach . But ensure that you are hydrated well before you do the task.


Activated charcoal acts wonders on teeth and acts as an effective agent for all kind of tooth problems like plaque, tooth decay, sensitivity and freshness. Its detoxification effect has been realised by several branded toothpaste companies and activated charcoal toothpastes are hit in the market. The usage of activated charcoal is very simple and effective


Due to all round detoxification capability of charcoal, it helps to heal many allergies, pain and inflammation problems in the body. Charcoal can be simply applied like a paste on the affected body parts. Activated charcoal is also effectively used to heal bee stings or bug bites.


Skin is the all time favourite for all, because it shows what we are. Activated charcoal is the best friend for healthy skin. Its magnetic properties attract the dirt, oil and dead cells, making skin pure, clear and perfect. Activated charcoal’s absorption technique pulls on all impurities from the skin and makes it supple and clear. Activated charcoal can help with acne by deeply cleansing and detoxifying the skin.
So take a dip into the immense benefits of activated charcoal. Numerous products of charcoal are available on http://www.mipharmaids.com/.
Use them and feel the difference!!!

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